Enjoy the privilege of learning the guitar directly under the guidance of master guitar instructor Stefan Joubert

Drastically improve your guitar playing and become the guitarist you have always wanted to be!

In your weekly online guitar lessons with master guitar instructor Stefan Joubert, you will make drastic progress.

Be prepared to overhaul your technique and really get to know the guitar neck inside out.

Stefan Joubert specialises in adult guitar lessons and he knows how to motivate adults to become really good at playing the guitar.

If you have been stuck in a frustrating rut and you want to make exceptional progress, then you need to consider studying directly with Stefan Joubert via Zoom.

Space is limited. Contact us here to apply


Taking online guitar lessons with Stefan Joubert will help you take control of your guitar playing and help you reach all your musical goals!

During your weekly guitar lessons with Stefan Joubert, you will discover the nature of the guitar, develop excellent technique and become the guitarist you want to be!

Learning the correct techniques and obtaining the right habits are crucial to your guitar development.

In each lesson Stefan Joubert will build upon the previous structures to improve your guitar journey.

Expect to get to know the insides of just how the instrument works. Learn all about string groups, octave shapes, licks, chords, scales and how to manipulate these to play the guitar the way you have always wanted to play!

Welcome to the start of an incredible guitar journey!

How to start your online guitar lessons with Stefan Joubert

If you feel ready to go ahead and make your guitar playing amazing, the process is simple.

Simply contact us and we will reply within 1-2 working days.

Space is limited. Stefan Joubert loves working with serious individuals who is serious about improving their guitar playing.

Whilst no prior level is required, a willingness to learn and a minimum study commitment of 6 months is a requirement.


There’s three simple ways to get in touch with us

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  3. Via WhatsApp – please state: “SJ Guitar Academy Course” +971 50 968 0538